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Let's face it: the most lucky among us - given these crisis' times - are often called to deal with an underestimated problem: how to manage our savings or invest our money.

Banks offer us seemingly simple solutions; invest savings or capital with a return which is proportional to the "implied risk".

After all, it's all about that.


If you're willing to risk losing a lot, you'll have some chance to earn enough.
But… Try to ask a Bank to invest your money in something safe, without risk and where there's the certainty of earning; it's pretty probable they won't take your words for real.

We all have read news from papers concerning frauds or pretty bad investments like the "Tango Bonds" or the collapse of Banca Etruria in Italy.

Sure enough, it's never fair to generalize as there are lots of lending institutions which offer their clients totally valid and honest advices
Although, even in those cases, the term "Risk" - even if mitigated by the "minimum" adjective - never miss it's presence.

So, either you don't trust Banks and prefer to wait for someone who knows someone who knows some kind of "Financial Wizard", or you already have a good Financial Advisor you trust in, and keep following his advices.


Think about it; actually your hard-earned savings, right after the investment, are gone and you don't own them anymore.
They're no more on your bank account and you can't rely on them without nullifying your investment.

From a mere "outsider" point of view, all you have bought is… air!
Your money was real, but what you're left with now is just a promise.
Banca Or, even worst, a hope.

Even Banks, which are pretty used to move themselves in an almost totally "virtual" world, have become aware of this matter. So they began to count among their Financial Advisors new professionals like the "Art Advisors", who should help you invest in Art. Obviously they can't suggest you to invest in Classical Art, so their duty is to give you advice for Contemporary Art investments, far more accessible and with many possibilities of earning in the long run. There are always exceptions, good and bad, but the substance remains the same: investing on an emerging artist can be an extremely profitable move.
At least "In The Long Run".

Not to mention that instead of investing in "hope", you're actually buying something "tangible".
You'll own a Work of Modern Art which will remain yours along the entire duration of the investment.
Something you'll may like to "exhibit" in your office or in your house, and which you can enjoy every day.


There… We're getting closer.
How many among us feel able to express an opinion, or - even harder - economically quantify Works of Contemporary Art?
Maybe an art critic, maybe a trade expert or a collector, but certainly no one who has not deeply delved the topic.


We've already said that contemporary art investment can be extremely profitable "in the long run".
But it can even be not.
Like any other investment, it is subject to the interaction of different matters often very difficult to predict.
And, like any other investment, the Work of Art will appreciate in value over time, or lose it.
Sure, at least it will not cease to exist, and - in the worst scenario - you'll keep owning your Work of Art in your office or in your home.

Which is better already than the infamous "empty-handed" remained in the hands of many, too many, investors in recent times.
But surely not better enough to be called an "investment."

So, at the end, investing in Art Works or in banking formulas is not much different.
You should always rely on a Bank's consultant and take into account a more or less consistent dose of "risk."


In the ways described thus far - which are the more 'classic' and frequent ones - no. There isn't.
And that's what anyone involved in "traditional" banking investment would tell you.

Yet there is a way.
And it's "pretty darn simple"!


BankArte - Invest with no Risk!

We at Artdiomar have developed what at a first glance seemed
"Too Good to be True".
We made it by the advice of Lawyers, Economists, Entrepreneurs and Notaries.
And, finally, we succeded in removing the "risk" from the investment!

We perfectly understand that - fairly enough - such a statement might raise some doubt.
And we confess that we, too, before having defined every single detail with our consultants, were rather puzzled.

Just Because in the end it's a very simple formula:

Artdiomar already owns a collection of 1,154 works of Contemporary Art by artists Vittorio Amadio and Marisa Marconi, displayed in a permanent exhibition at Via Gregoriana 19 in Rome.
And each of these works has an economic (and artistic) official value defined based on Auction Houses prices.

When you purchase a work from our collection, you will start two parallel investment mode;

  • The "normal" investment you make when you buy a Work of Art; meaning with the 'hope' that it can increase its value "in the long run".
  • The "BankArte" formula which makes this "hope" a certainty (since the Artdiomar will continue to promote its artists in order to increase their quotes), and which is committed from the beginning to regain the work at the same price of your purchase!
    And that's how "risk" gets removed from the investment: you spend 100 and, in the worst scenario, you'll get back 100!

But, of course, it doesn't stop here; otherwise what kind of "investment" would it be?

Throu' the BankArte formula, Artdiomar is committed - after the purchase - to correspond you the 9% per annum of the purchase price.
Not only that; said percentage may be "splitted" in quarters per year!
This means that with the purchase of a Work from our Collection you will begin to earn from your "investment" right after three months!
So you'll even get rid of the "Long Run"!

Furthermore, there are also no restrictions of any kind.
You can change your mind the very next day or after a month, and still get back the full amount paid without penalty clauses or "quirks" of sorts.

Is it starting to look "Too Good to be True" even for you and, now that you delved deeper, maybe you're doubting even more than before on the real convenience of Bankarte formula?

BankArte - Invest with no Risk!


You're exactly the kind of clients we're looking for!
We're not looking for "naive" investors: we want you to stay wary and sharp.
Because you're investing your hard-earned savings, or anyways your money!
(And, since you've made it until here, you've already invested some of your precious time).

We're not looking for investors who trust US.
We look for passionate investors about our proposal who think it's valid and want to know it more and deeper, in order to gain profit from it!

Feel free to contact us at any time using the form below to get further information or to make an appointment.
We're already sure about our proposal. Now it's up to you.
We don't want to convince anyone. We don't need to and we don't think it would be fair.

But we're always ready to answer every question which may help you dispel any single doubt about it, and to give you free advices on the investment that best suits your needs.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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